1-Hour Results

x/BTC PairsNet ProfitGross ProfitGross LossMax DrawdownProfitability Factor# of TradesAvg. Length of Trades
XRP/BTC+20.75%+64.53%-43.78%-18.79%1.474145.4 Days
LINK/BTC+164%+331.18%-167.16%-18.80%1.98202.7 Days
BNB/BTC+46.30%+96.29%-14.09%-14.09%1.93174.5 Days
ADA/BTC+3%+70%-66.65%-27%1.05184.1 Days
XMR/BTC+1%+23.33%-22.36%-9%1.043102.8 Days
NEO/BTC+26.49%+66.12%-39.63%-15.90%1.67123.5 Days
LTC/BTC+15%+39.44%-24.46%-11.40%1.61122 Days
EOS/BTC+34.52%+114.69%-80.17%-23.90%1.43197 Days
BCH/BTC+5.97%+47.10%-41.13%-13%1.15154.3 Days
Average+35.25%+94.74%-55.49%-16.88%1.48188888915.222222224 Days
400 Days of Backtesting DataUsing 100% of Equity

15-Min Results

x/USD PairNet ProfitGross ProfitGross LossMax DrawdownProfitability Factor# of TradesAvg Length of Trade
BTC/USD+66.69%+161.00%-195.00%-18.68%1.34226619.5 hrs
ETH/BTC+52%+148.00%-96.24%-13.90%1.5422618 hrs
XRP/BTC+118%+167%-108%-13%1.5422618 hrs
Average+89.4%+182.39%-133.06%-14.06%1.5825105118.75 hrs
100 days of backtesting dataUsing 50% of EquityIncludes commission for each trade

Why are results important?

Ensuring proper testing has been performed is one of our top priorities. In doing so, we can continue to confidently and transparently pursue various improvements to be made to current products as well as create even better products in the future. The results we provide to the customer always take into account negative deviations and even omits some of the extremely positive deviations. By presenting the results to you in that manner we can truly believe we are under-promising and over-delivering.

What to expect regarding results in the future?

We will strive to constantly pursue forward testing (In addition to extensive back-testing) to make sure our product is the best available. In the future moving forward, we plan to always supply a results table with individual new indicator/strategy that we release. In conjunction, we will never release a paid product that we don’t feel confident in the results of. 

More In-Review

By using 400 days of back-testing we have been able to identify and hand select the most reliable cryptocurrency trading pairs. Over 135 trades have been pseudo-executed along that duration to ensure that setups are frequently available, but not so frequent that the quality becomes watered down. To ensure transparency and keep our testing results from being over positively inflated we have omitted certain anomalies we encountered during testing (i.e a +700% gain).
The strategy has been programmed to avoid typical errors that occur while using TradingView’s backtesting feature such as issues surrounding optimal entries and exits that may not actually be executed in real-time trading scenarios. To mitigate these issues the algorithm focuses on entries after candle close and exits at predetermined prices. All results displayed are as legitimate as possible.